Start-Ups and Small Businesses

How to start your own businessSo, you are a small business owner or a start-up. You are launching your company, perfecting your product or service, figuring out your business model, paying bills and dealing with daily challenges in your industry.

Building a new business is hard enough - without needing to focus on legal challenges, but there are endless legal decisions you, as a business have to make from day one: a fellow founder not pulling their weight? Unclear as to who owns the idea? Not sure about bringing on an employee or a consultant? How are you going to raise money for your idea across state lines? Where should you set up your headquarters? Do those automated document services work and can you set up your own company? Everyone else uses LLC’s – should you?

You want your business to grow, and the perception is that big lawyers slow you down, charge high rates and provide advice you do not quite need or understand. For those reasons a lot of small and new businesses choose not to hire lawyers and so they face legal challenges on their own and will only hire a business attorney when confronted with a serious legal issue. And that ends up costing a lot more time and money and poses serious risks for your future.

I founded Taylor Legal for the same reasons small businesses avoid hiring lawyers. I work with small business owners and startups and provide them with business-focused legal assistance that enables them to successfully launch, protect their rights and make sound business decisions that won’t bite back in the future. I focus not only on your specific business but the entire industry, giving you a proactive legal advice, so can focus on what you know and do best - running your business successfully.

KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE & TRANSPARENT Start-Ups and Small Businesses You will not be charged for mailing your documents, answering your urgent last minute calls or typing invoices. You will only be billed for the actual work I do for you. You will not be surprised with unexpected bills for something you do not know. You will always know how much time I spend on each project.

KEEPING THINGS DIGITAL & AUTOMATEDWe are a high-tech firm, so we use the latest technology where it is possible to automate processes and save time for me and money for my clients for better things. Document exchange and billing process is also done through secure online portals.

BEING FLEXIBLE & CLIENT FOCUSEDI understand that when you start your own business it can be hard to predict how much legal support you will need at each stage, and you do not want to commit to something you might not need. And you do not want to be stuck with a high per hour rate either, when you end up needed legal assistance.

Taylor Legal provides flexible rates based on types of legal services and a range of options, so you can have the legal help you need when you need it.

Taylor Legal WORKS FOR YOU AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUNDI love meeting my clients in person, and while you are always welcome to visit my office downtown and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee, I will work with what best suits you. I will come to you, visit your office, meet your team. Or, as a number of my clients are located across the globe and country, I will communicate and work fully online for you. You choose.

Taylor Legal YOUR IN-HOUSE OUTSIDE GENERAL COUNSELI offer General Counsel services to companies who have not hired or do not want to hire full-time attorneys; or have dedicated lawyers on staff but need specific legal expertise or additional help. I help you grow and speed your time to closure, so you focus on the business.

  • General Council / In- House Lawyer Services
  • Entity Selection and Formation
  • Angel Round Fundraising/First Series Advice and Guidance
  • Founders’ Agreements
  • Employment and Consulting agreements
  • NDAs and Confidentiality agreements
  • Hiring and Compensation
  • Corporate Governance/ Maintenance
  • Business Models/Products
  • Distribution/Agency Agreements
  • General Contract and Commercial Advice