General Counsel Services

You know all those questions you wish you could ask an attorney? How about brainstorming that new business concept you want to do with someone “legal” at the table, or those “little” contracts that you should have sent to a lawyer – but didn’t and now that nagging worry is in the back of your head?

My General Counsel Services give you an in-house partner who will answer all those questions, brainstorm with you and review all your contracts, big and small – in a cost-effective way that works for you and your business!


I come to you; I sit in your office, I can use your company e-mail - I’m your “employee” for a day, your partner, for a cost that doesn’t break the bank, but allows you to have a lawyer on your side whenever you need it.

I offer in-house General Counsel Services for companies that have not yet hired a full-time lawyer but have legal challenges that require dedicated focus and support. I also offer General Counsel Services to companies that have their own lawyer (or lawyers) – but who need specialized local or international legal assistance, or who’s attention is fully occupied – I’m your “backup.''

I charge a specific daily rate for these services, and I ask for a minimum monthly commitment so that I can put time into learning your unique business model, strategic needs, and your industry, so I can be as effective in supporting you as a full-time lawyer. I work the hours and time you want me to and require a three month, one day a month commitment.

In exchange, I give you advice and pricing that are equivalent to having a full-time lawyer on board – without the full-time commitment.


Empty BowlAn “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and when a business does not have the time or resources to hire a full-time attorney, using my General Counsel Services is that ounce of prevention that allows you to build your business knowing legal issues will not fester and become problems down the road.

There is a temptation for businesses to handle legal matters without consulting with an attorney. They stay up late and spend hours revising their own contracts and business agreements, and many do a good job of protecting their interests.

The problem is that when handling their own legal issues - they are not focusing on their core competencies, closing deals, improving their products, networking, making sales and increasing revenues.

With almost two decades of operational, legal experience I know how to handle the full spectrum of issues that your business faces. Outside In-house General Counsel Services helps you grow your business by proactively handling your legal, operational matters, so you don’t have to!

Companies I have worked with have grown extremely quickly and had exceeded their own expectations while other companies flame out, despite having raised millions of dollars of capital. General Counsel Services allows you to take advantage of my experience as more than a legal “wordsmith,” so I become your trusted internal advisor who will enable you to avoid obstacles and achieve success


As Outside In-house General Counsel, I don’t want to take the place of traditional outside larger firm counsel for litigation, mergers and acquisitions, specialized Intellectual Property Work and other specialized work. My goal is to address your routine operational, legal needs, let you know when you need specialized services and help you monitor costs and activities of your outside law firms to ensure you get the best bang for the buck...


Full BowlWhen your business is going through significant growth or perhaps a major transaction is taking place, or a major legal challenge has arisen, your in-house lawyers will get stretched very quickly. Using Taylor Legal General Counsel Services provides you with a senior business lawyer with years of operational, legal experience, who can help shoulder the burden for your in-house lawyers until things quiet down.

You will the confidence that your in-house legal matters are handled by someone who looks at matters from a business perspective, not just an associate from your regular outside law firm who focuses purely on legal matters and billing hours, without understanding the nuances necessary to be a successful in-house lawyer. With a team-oriented approach, I’ll enable your team to successfully navigate through the busy times without the need to add full-time resources.

Areas of Expertise
  • All sorts of Contracts
  • Compliance Services
  • Board Governance and Meeting Support
  • Structuring Advice
  • Corporation/S-Corp Formation
  • LLC/LLP Formation
  • Partnership/Operating Agreements
  • Joint Ventures/Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Employment Matters
  • Non-Disclosures
  • Statements of Work for outside advisors
  • Confidentiality Agreements