Compliance Services

There are three key stages of the business lifecycle where compliance frameworks and services should strongly be considered by business management:

  1. when activities start to expand so that decisions are being made by employees (and not always reviewed by the CEO/Founder),
  2. when outside investment is successfully obtained and,
  3. when a company expands its operations across borders.

This does not mean that proper processes and compliance with legal, regulatory and tax should only be done at these three stages. Usually the review of existing and creation of compliance processes make businesses more efficient and robust in the face of external legal challenges.

With experience restructuring the Board of Directors of one of the largest companies in the world, I can assist you in ensuring that your “best practices” and Corporate Governance Processes are adequate to ensure that the Company conducts business in accordance with the vision of the Board and CEO/Founder, while being minimal enough to preserve flexibility and allow the business to be nimble in the face of outside threats.

Services that I offer include the following:

  • Incorporation and ongoing maintenance of new corporate entities and ensuring the maintenance, in good standing, of legal entities, affiliates and subsidiaries including across borders.
  • Assistance with boardroom compliance and practices including all elements of company law compliance both during regular operations as well as during merger/takeover situations.
  • Board charters/committees and structuring to ensure shareholder oversight while protecting and preserving Management decision making authority and flexibility.
  • Reviewing and considering corporate compliance policies, anticorruption (FCPA and UK Bribery Act).
  • Assistance with ensuring that annual requirements, including financial statements, tax clearances and other key regulatory requirements are met.
  • Assistance with financial and operational audits including addressing possible tax consequences.
  • Governance processes and procedures.