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My Business is About Making Yours Happen

I Want You and Your Business To Grow!

With two decades of experience as an International Business lawyer in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I’ve worked for law firms, start-ups and the largest energy company in the world. What I truly enjoyed the most was helping clients and colleagues succeed in growing their businesses and completing unique projects. I have now launched my firm,
Taylor Legal, to be your Washington DC business lawyer.

I Have the Legal Experience To Guide You!

I’ve worked on all legal aspects of international and domestic business and my clients have included everyone from tiny “mom and pop” businesses to global conglomerates. My experience has been as varied as building refineries and petrochemical plants in China, setting up supply chains in Asia and Europe and even creating HR and tax compliance systems and processes in new subsidiaries. Clients from all over the world have successfully done business with my guidance. I’ve also assisted non-profit social entrepreneurs as they work to make the world a better place. Whether establishing various types of legal entities and partnerships, navigating the tricky world of tax structuring, understanding the best way to sell goods and services or trying to protect your business from being unfairly targeted, I’ve worked on it and now will help you succeed as your Washington DC, business lawyer.

Your International Corporate Governance.

With experience as the senior lawyer responsible for operational and legal matters in more than ten countries across two continents, I ensured that a very complicated business organization maintained compliance with very different local laws in various jurisdictions while still ensuring consistency and accountability to the ultimate headquarters’ vision and direction. I know how to ensure that your anti-corruption and ethical programs and training are effective, not only in different legal environments but also in different cultures with very different work forces. Having run legal operations for the Corporate Secretariat for a multicultural Board of Directors of a multi-billion-dollar company, I can advise you on how to ensure that your Board meetings, whether a single entity or meetings of multiple entities across jurisdictions, are legally compliant and handled in an efficient manner that gives your Directors comfort that all is in order.

I Have the Business Perspective to Ensure that My Legal Advice Focuses on Your Bottom Line!

My extensive experience working for both major law firms and large businesses enables me to understand what you really need – concise, easy to understand advice that focuses on your business success. Your company doesn’t run on being legally compliant – you run on cash flow – and the more cash the better! My practice focuses on (1) helping you do business across international borders, (2) growing your smaller local company into a successful business and (3) serving as your “outside” general counsel when you need day-to-day advice as your activities scale-up. When you need a business lawyer who can not only put the pieces together but also put the big picture in perspective, Taylor Legal is your solution.

My Mantra Is: Big Firm Quality Without the Big Firm Overhead.

I started my own firm to be your Washington DC business lawyer and enable me to be flexible and nimble in supporting you. I love working with companies that embrace creativity and disruption and promise to respond quickly and proactively to all your requests. Your energy and ideas are your competitive advantage and I will help you find legally compliant ways to channel your business to maximize your chance of disruptive success. creative energy and growth are thriving, companies who are not yet at the stage where they have the resources to hire their own lawyer or perhaps simply do not want to handle Big Firm invoices! I’ve worked in Europe (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain), Asia (China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar). I now want to work for you from Washington D.C.!

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